Flaviu Rogojan
lives and works in Cluj, Romania

Aici Acolo Curatorial Collective

Flaviu Rogojan
Edith Lázár
Thea Lazăr
Aici Acolo is a project founded by Flaviu Rogojan and Edith Lázár, and together with Thea Lazăr we have been organizing exhibitions with young artists in unused or abandoned spaces in Cluj, Romania since 2015 . The project activates often overlooked locations, ignored or inaccessible, and transforms them into temporary art spaces open to the public. The short-term events, open for a week or sometimes just one night, offer an alternative to other art institutions, through a curated programme built on promoting emerging artists. Since 2018 we expanded to include educational projects, residencies and support for production alongside the usual pop-up exhibition projects.