Flaviu Rogojan
lives and works in Cluj, Romania

Between 2011 and 2012, during my studies at the University of Art and Design in Cluj, I was the project coordinator of Ataș Project Space, a students gallery and attempted space for group crits that I organized as part of the at the time newly established students union. The space was part of the university, and was unused for several years due to an uncertain legal future. In the early 2000s Ataș Gallery was a very active space curated by Mihai Pop, but since the mid-2000s the space was used as storage or as classrooms. In its last months before transfering to new owners, we, a group of students involved in student representation and student unions, asked the university to let us use the space as a safe space for all art students. 

The space was meant for exhibitions of works-in-progress, personal projects of students, exclusively unrelated to classroom assignments. Each exhibition was accompanied by an artist-talk / group crit / peer feedback session. The space also hosted other activities of the students union, until its closure in 2012.

Curated exhibitions:

21.04 – 25.04 2012
John Conway & Romain Bobichon

Time & Life
15.03 – 28.03 2012
Vlad Căpușan

Limited Edition
23.02 – 07.03 2012
Sebastian Baculea

Experience Design
19.01. – 01.02 2012
Ana-Maria Abrudan

23.11 – 07.12 2011
Anca Sânpetrean

17.11. 2011
Iulia Boșcu

03.11. – 16.11 2011
George Crîngașu

Step Back
13.10. – 26.10. 2011
Cristina Mircean