Flaviu Rogojan
lives and works in Cluj, Romania

Cheat Codes (Money), 2013
Inkjet print on found old paper
4 pages
15 cm x 21 cm each
Many video games revolve around managing limited resources, getting the right amount of in-game money, gold, or other fictional currencies that you then spend to advance in your game. Many single player games have a hidden built-in function that accepts the input of so called cheat codes, secret formulas that grant the player unfair advantages. One function, common to many game universes, is to cheat your way into having more money.

I went through a database of thousands of video games and selected all cheat codes that give you an unlimited supply of money, thus writing a list that is a poem made up of synonyms, magic words that give you infinite funds, each line corresponding to a different video game.

I write a four page poem made up of bits of code, mythological references, random words and inside jokes. Each line is a cheat code from a different video game, a type of magic formula that, when introduced in a single-player game, grants the player an unlimited supply of money, gold or other fictional currencies.

Taking inspiration from visual poetry and conceptual art, the work on paper plays down aesthetics and invites viewers to read, decipher and discover connections.

shown in

Future Perfect #4
01. 10. 2021 ‒ 21. 10. 2021
curated by Mona Vătămanu & Florin Tudor
at B5 Studio, Târgu Mureș, Romania

hax! (solo show)
03. 10. 2019 ‒ 31. 10. 2019
at Galerie Klubovna, Brno, Czech Republic

Drowning in a Sea of Data (Publication)
curated by João Laia
Published by Casa Encendida, Madrid
ISBN 978-840-9-08012-0

21. 09. 2017 ‒ 09. 11. 2017
curated by: Stine Hollmannat City Gallery, Kunstverein Wolfsburg, Germany

Dear Money (Publication)
Published by Salonul de Proiecte, Bucharest
ISBN 978-973-0-17836-4